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A team lead of Reiki Practitioners specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. Contact us to find out more about how we may guide you. 

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Holy Fire® III Reiki with chakra balancing, crystal healing, and includes intuitive healing with messages. These sessions are unique and have been developed to maximize the healing benefits.

I am a Reiki Master so if you are interested in learning the healing art of Reiki reach out to see when the next class will be scheduled.

Animal reiki may be offered based on animal and practitioner. Please inquire. 

Outdoor Spa

Yoga Nidrā

Yoga Nidrā is guided practice that allows for a state of least resistance to allow receptivity in remembering the deepest parts of ourselves, our truths, our purpose and our deepest, most secret heartfelt desires. A hallmark of chronic stress and trauma is forgetting one’s self, becoming dis-embodied, and compartmentalized. Yoga Nidrā is the healing balm, the antidote as it welcomes our remembering, provides a nourishing relaxation into the embodiment of wholeness.


Karuna Reiki Release

Are you looking to release karma and deep seated issues? Ready to heal some negative patterns and heal your shadow self?

Go beyond Holy Fire® energy and allow the Divine to enter into the shadows deep in the ego, bathe it in divine light and love and release all spirit attachments. This will include discarnate spirits, and the Holy Fire® Reiki energy places power and grace of divine forgiveness. This includes a 1 hour Karuna Reiki® healing. 

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