Meet the Sacred Waves Soul Tribe

Soul tribe where we energetically resonate on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level

Our Visionary, Emily

Welcome, and enjoy ALoha ke akua. I’m both an USUI Master and Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki Master with a great deal of passion as a healer. I spent 12 years in traditional healthcare as a Registered Nurse and now specialize in a holistic approach after realizing the benefits were limitless on my own transformational mental, emotional and soul journey.  I'm dedicated to supporting my clients as they move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most transformative way possible. 

Helping others is my calling, but a few years back I realized I needed to shift "how" I did this. The more I opened to my own intuition and ability to connect to nature and the elements as part of my healing journey, the more I realized how incredible the human body is to be able to tap into this "INVISIBLE" but very important part of our human existence. There was a BIG PROBLEM though, unawareness and un-empowerment. I set out on a mission at that point to be A HEALER TO THE HEALERS and anyone else called to me. Through my personal healing story, my medical knowledge as an RN and now holistic experience I am ready to guide you on a journey to dig into those painful places of stored trauma and loss or whatever may be holding you back from the next level.  There is no doubt about it, We all have something to work on.  Please contact me if you are skeptical even. Do not hesitate. 5 years ago I would have never believed this could have helped me....but it did.

Amen and A'ho!

spiritual transitions in the most transformative way possible. 

Helping people has always been my calling, but a few years back I realized I needed to shift the "how" I did this and that's when I realized how incredibly intuitive we are as a human race but un-empowered we are at the same time. I am on a mission to help change that. Through my medical background  knowledge as a RN, I am now able to coach clients towards wellness as I share the light of holistic healing. Please contact me to find out m

Our Authentic , Polly

I am a practicing evidential psychic medium and an USUI Holy Fire II Reiki practitioner who found my true self through the healing power of Reiki. I feel so strongly about the healing power of one’s self and the higher consciousness inside everyone of us just waiting to be discovered. The healing process of my own physical, emotional, and spiritual self has led me to have a powerful desire to help others. The process of discovering our true selves through the soul’s journey is so unique, intimate and individual to each of us. Sometimes this journey can be quite difficult, confusing and down right painful, and there can be such comfort in finding someone who can help you transform in the most compassionate and empathetic way possible.

I, as a healer, can physically feel your pain, emotions, situations and understand from a new perspective. Whether your wanting to holistically treat ailments to the physical body, release stored trauma, connect closer with spirit, hear from passed loved ones, be intuitively guided in a particular situation, or have simply been guided here by a higher power that you are wanting to discover, we welcome you! The possibilities are endless. Whatever your particular situation is, spirit has brought you here. It is all in divine timing. You are right where you need to be and are divinely guided and loved. I can’t wait to help you heal and grow in this “roller coaster” journey of life!

Our Balance, Brad

"Nature Heals the body, mind, and soul" Anthony William, Medical Medium,

Brad Danielson is all about balancing nutrition into your spiritual journey. If you are doing 100% of everything right and still can't achieve what you desire, he would ask, "how is your diet?" Brad is a Reiki II Practitioner and has newly created a podcast and working on Reflexology. His passion is to help teach others how much their health relies on the inside out.  He is not taking individual  appointments yet, but assist in group events and will be in the future.  His podcast link is at the top of this page. 

Our Sacred Family

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