Meet the Sacred Waves Soul Tribe

Soul tribe where we energetically resonate on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level

Our Sacred Family

Our Lighthouse, Emily

Welcome, and ALoha ke akua. I’m an USUI Reiki Master and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master as well as Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra teacher with a great deal of passion to guide others in healing. I spent 12 years in traditional healthcare as a Registered Nurse and now specialize in a holistic approach after realizing the benefits were limitless on my own transformational mental, emotional and soul journey.  I'm dedicated to supporting my clients as they move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most transformative way possible. 

Helping others is my calling, but a few years back I realized I needed to shift "how" I did this. The more I opened to my own intuition and ability to connect to nature and the elements as part of my healing journey, the more I realized how incredible the human body is to be able to tap into this "INVISIBLE" but very important part of our human existence. There was a BIG PROBLEM though, unawareness and un-empowerment. I set out on a mission at that point to be A HEALER TO THE HEALERS and anyone else called to me. Through my personal healing story, my medical knowledge as an RN and now holistic experience I am ready to guide you on a journey to dig into those painful places of stored trauma and loss or whatever may be holding you back from the next level.  There is no doubt about it, We all have something to work on.  Please contact me if you are skeptical even. Do not hesitate. 5 years ago I would have never believed this could have helped me....but it did.

We can work on  a variety of things from Trauma healing, Chakra alignment or simply calming the Sympathetic Nervous System to bring you back into a rest and relaxation state of all begins with an appointment so please reach out!

Amen and A'ho!

Our Spirited, Polly

I am a practicing evidential psychic medium and an USUI Holy Fire II Reiki practitioner who found my true self through the healing power of Reiki. I feel so strongly about the healing power of one’s self and the higher consciousness inside everyone of us just waiting to be discovered. The healing process of my own physical, emotional, and spiritual self has led me to have a powerful desire to help others. The process of discovering our true selves through the soul’s journey is so unique, intimate and individual to each of us. Sometimes this journey can be quite difficult, confusing and down right painful, and there can be such comfort in finding someone who can help you transform in the most compassionate and empathetic way possible.

I, as a healer, can physically feel your pain, emotions, situations and understand from a new perspective. Whether your wanting to holistically treat ailments to the physical body, release stored trauma, connect closer with spirit, hear from passed loved ones, be intuitively guided in a particular situation, or have simply been guided here by a higher power that you are wanting to discover, we welcome you! The possibilities are endless. Whatever your particular situation is, spirit has brought you here. It is all in divine timing. You are right where you need to be and are divinely guided and loved. I can’t wait to help you heal and grow in this “roller coaster” journey of life!

Our Divine, Brianna Rose

Greetings fellow spiritual earthlings! I am honored to move alongside each of you that joins this movement of healing. I am a 200 E-RYT certified yoga teacher with 100 hours of Vinyasa training, 100 hours of Rocket training, and additional training in Yoga Therapy. I specialize in breathwork and Taoism exercises that link up the life force of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. I found yoga after a bodily injury that left me in a dark depression. Through breathwork, physical postures, and growth in awareness, I began to reform the connection between my body, mind, and spirit. Because I have found such deep healing through yoga, it is my goal to make yoga accessible for anyone and everyone! Whether you have suffered trauma in any form, want to take part in a healthy practice, or aren’t even sure what yoga could do for you - I believe I was put here to meet you where you are at and explore what healing could look like in your life. We are in this together! So much love - Brianna”

Our Middle Ground, Amanda Lynn

Grief is a natural part of the human experience after losing a loved one. However, what we rarely recognize is that healing can also take place. We always hope for that "one last conversation" to say all the things we wish we would've or could've said. A medium is someone who can facilitate a conversation between the two worlds, providing closure for those left behind.  


Amanda knows grief on a deep and personal level after losing her 19 year old sister to suicide. After years of being caught in the undertow of grief, engulfed in her own mental health crisis of depression and guilt, she learned she had intuitive, mediumship abilities. What she hadn't anticipated on this journey was the profound healing that can take place when we are able to connect with our loved ones. It is as if years worth of weight dissipates as we realize they just want us to be happy, living our best life without the pain of their loss being in the back of our minds. But don't take it from me, book a session with Amanda to find out for yourself! 

Our Soulshine, Ana

Hi there! My name is Ana. 

Since the very beginning of this life, I’ve always fallen into care-giver roles. This prompted me to play my part in the medical field for the majority of my adult life. It was an essential part of my journey but I knew my heart, soul, and spirit needed more. 

I needed to find peace and rest. To achieve this, I had to create my own inner remedy. That is when I started to look at the foundation of my attitude, beliefs, values, and habits. I learned that healing is not a linear process. More importantly, I learned to empower myself through Intuition, Nature, Earth, and Spirit. We all have amazing intuitions if we are open to it. 

Reiki began to speak to me. It became a tool for my overall betterment. From there, I couldn’t stop learning because I am driven to aid others in their transformative process. 

I’m a Reiki Practitioner in Traditional, Holy Fire, and Crystalline. 

My greatest hopes are that when you leave after a Reiki session is that you feel the unconditional love that the Universe has for you, feel confident in your personalized journey of healing, and know that you are not alone.“

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