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We are each a Sacred Wave of a Soul Tribe

Soul tribe where we energetically resonate on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level

You are part of something special

Meet the Lighthouse, Emily

Welcome, and ALoha ke akua. I’m an USUI Reiki Master and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master as well as Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra teacher with a great deal of passion to guide others in healing. I spent 12 years in traditional healthcare as a Registered Nurse and now specialize in a holistic approach after realizing the benefits were limitless on my own transformational mental, emotional and soul journey.  I'm dedicated to supporting my clients as they move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most transformative way possible. 

Helping others is my calling, but a few years back I realized I needed to shift "how" I did this. The more I opened to my own intuition and ability to connect to nature and the elements as part of my healing journey, the more I realized how incredible the human body is to be able to tap into this "INVISIBLE" but very important part of our human existence. There was a BIG PROBLEM though, unawareness and un-empowerment. I set out on a mission at that point to be A HEALER TO THE HEALERS and anyone else called to me. Through my personal healing story, my medical knowledge as an RN and now holistic experience I am ready to guide you on a journey to dig into those painful places of stored trauma and loss or whatever may be holding you back from the next level.  There is no doubt about it, We all have something to work on.  Please contact me if you are skeptical even. Do not hesitate. 5 years ago I would have never believed this could have helped me....but it did.

In a session we can work on  a variety of things from Trauma healing, Chakra alignment or simply calming the Sympathetic Nervous System to bring you back into a rest and relaxation state of all begins with an appointment so please reach out!

Amen and A'ho!

Frequency One 

Just founded May 2023,  Frequency One, is a festival for our community to gather, connect, share stories, and experience multiple modalities of healing while elevating our inner frequency. Just think....Guided Reiki Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Live Music and  more!!!
~Many holistic modalities offered at this annual event such as Intuitive Readings, Reiki, Chakra Healing, Massage, Tarot/Oracle Cards, Craniosacral, Chiropractic, Hypnotherapy, Neurofeedback, and more. site coming soon

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