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Reiki for those on the Spectrum

A service for those with Autism or on the Spectrum or with ADD or ADHD

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • Sacred Waves

Service Description

Reiki those on the Spectrum or those with special needs: Sometimes traditional hands-on Reiki is not for everyone. However, working remotely with hands off, or even Distance Reiki can be extremely beneficial for children and young people with autism, or along the spectrum. Reiki sessions can be hands-off for children with autism spectrum disorders who would prefer not to be touched. As a relationship is then built we may eventually work more hands-on sessions if the client becomes comfortable. Crystal healing is included into practice both in-person and while working remotely. Crystal healing is a natural, holistic method that is non-invasive and can be used on its own between sessions. Children and adults with a Spectrum diagnosis often can be more sensitive to their surroundings and their sensory system is then affected by vibrations, which is believed to be related to their energy vibrating at a slightly higher frequency than other individuals. It is required that the primary caregiver be present during treatment(s), as well as an emotional support animal would be welcomed into Sacred Waves Energy Healing space to attend besides the client. What to expect in a session? There will be an intake form to fill out that is fairly short. We will begin by discussing goals of treatment and developing a plan. In a healing session we look at treating the body and mind as a whole, as imbalances in one can easily affect the other. The session begins with an intake form to collect medical history. We will then discuss goals of healing therapy, and develop a plan. If a series of appointments would be found to be beneficial I will develop a package based on goals. The individual is clothed every session, and if they have a favorite soft blanket to help them feel secure please bring it along. The healing session itself will be a goal of 30-40 minutes. My goal is they feel nestled into a safe and secure place. Crystals are then placed on or around the client if necessary, after intuitively deciding which crystal healing is best for each person. Plan for 1 hour your first time, for intake and goal setting. If you wish to book this Remotely for the initial session, I have included a Video Link that would come. Please make sure to send me a message if you intend to meet remotely. The benefit of doing the initial consultation in the office is I do have specific crystals and other healing products available on hand to purchase.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please notify us 24 hours in advance so that we can fill your appointment time. No refunds on deposit if cancelled or rescheduled within the 24 hour time frame. Blessings!

Contact Details

  • 275 37th Street Northeast, Rochester, MN, USA


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