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Sacred Waves Energy

Find Your Inner Fire

 A space to be empowered on your healing journey through modalities such as Reiki  to promote well-being in order to find alignment in your mind, body and spirit for optimal health. Healing is for everyone including pets!

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The Creation

Finding Inspiration in Every Inflection Point

What started as a seed planted after spending twelve years in western medicine practicing as a Registered Nurse, has grown into a mission to share the holistic gifts that energy healing can offer when embraced alongside. I was fed up with my own health. I needed change. It was a trip to the Colorado Rockies where I found myself in a crystal shop that first opened my eyes to my missing piece when life knocked me down with debilitating anxiety. That crystal shop was an inflection point to pave the way to Sacred Waves! 

About Sacred Waves

There is a spirit in us all trying to break out

Welcome. If you have found this page I have great belief you are following an inner intuition you may not even be aware of as of yet but we at Sacred Waves are here to walk the journey with you. 

No individual has the same story and therefore each healing journey is unique to each client. Often what is most needed is compassion and understanding with a sprinkle of guidance. 

We all hold within us such a strong spirit to heal many ailments and discovering that belief is one of the many things we're able to help you do. Empowerment and lighting that inner fire of the sacred wave that burns inside is what we are all about. Namaste! 

 The Crystal Shop is NOW Open by Appointments!

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